Welcome to the Max Planck - Yale Center for Biodiversity Movement and Global Change

The Center, officially opening in May 2018, is a partnership between Yale University and its Center for Biodiversity and Global Change and the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior.

It is one of several International Max Planck Centers which link Max Planck Institutes and international partners and have the aim to bundle knowledge, methods and know-how to create added scientific value.

The Center supports research and training around the use of new technologies such as GPS tracking and remote sensing to address questions in ecology, behavior, and global change.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values in our group. We aim to promote the success of traditionally underrepresented groups in science because we believe not only in the importance of increasing equity across academia, but also that a diverse team will enable a broader perspective and enhance creativity.

Program News

The Max Planck-Yale Center for Biodiversity Movement and Global Change is hosting a virtual mini-conference to foster engagement and connect communities across the partner...
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